Saturday, October 10, 2020

@Putin/Lukashenka - OPEN QUESTION FOR BOTH

 Why do you allow to be called "communist dictators" by Western main stream media and Merkel politicians when neonazi war clearly(one must be either blind not to see it or simply a collaborator of one) was waged against people of United States of America and freedom oriented societies on the West !!?????

I know if in situation of Lukashko I would point finger at neonazi bigot who declared war against American minorities for calling me communist dictator ad even declaring on me economic sanctions....since when is racism against Chinese and killings of blacks/Latinos a normal sport !!?????

Finally and not the last, what about case of my own !!????? What about Slavic people on this end of EU border !!???? It doesn't matter to you what Berlin does with us !!????? Ahhhh, okay then too....


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