Saturday, October 10, 2020

I will add to Andrej Babis, Andrzej Duda/Morawiecki also Lithuanian Grybauskaitėwh who claimed to have LOVED RUSSIA(they all did, but in the rear/shadow of killings which THEY ALONE caused to own citizens while blaming for it all on Russia, their final goal was a 2020 civil war in Belarus and in Russia) while acknowledging me during MK Ultra repeatedly as s racist

 Grybauskaitė just as the case was with Poland, Czech Rep. also acknowledged me during MK Ultra(not a hard thing to do to a drugged up individual) as a racist hater of Lithuanian people while presenting herself to public as lover of Russia. I was guilty of hate crime here too. I will not comment as this news explains it all

German European Union with northern American neonazi alliance along does have a power tickets for Russia and they are simply known as Putin(GERMAN AGENT INSIDE OF THE KREMLIN WHO WILL WHISPER A MUST COOPERATION WITH EU), Tsikhanouskaya(WILL BE USED TO PRESSURE WITH LIES ECONOMIC SANCTIONS CKETAGAINST RUSSIAN PEOPLE ALONG WITH NAVALNY'S TICKET), and Navalny. This is the German shizo trio which will play main role against free will of the people of Poland, Czech Rep., Ukraine, Slovakia, and Russia who traditionally REJECT AND HAVE REJECTED NAZSM.

Uncle Vladimir Putin caused nothing but death and destruction of greater Slavic society - he dealt a last death blow to one.

Traitor explains in her words what shame is...

Lukashenko stashed her as a reward for betrayal of Russia with $15.000 in cash - provided with safe transport to German Lithuania where|1 Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya along Navalny became a Western symbols of FREEDOM RESISTANCE(two totally fake luciferian figures created via Merkel's studio background) against repression from Slavic east....

Why Lukashenko didn't acknowledged West so far as center of hatred in the world - pointed with HIS finger straight into a neonazi president Donald Trump in the White House rather than allowing to be called as the"last communist dictator in Europe" by Western free media outlets, however, is a great question....makes me feel at times almost as if deliberately giving fascism spike(I know I would call them out as was/is AmeroGerman nenazi politic which crossed into Belarus space with idea to cause bloodshed there and not vice versa) just as the case is with Vladimir Putin.

What started with silenced economic depression in 2000 and even severe pre Coronavirus cuts of car manufacturing jobs in targeted by nazis areas of Europe, goes on and into higher gear via Coronavirus "crises" because the goal is to drive people globally into total insanity via joblessness and deprivation of taking freedom for granted. Heil Hitler Heil Hubertus Merkel !!! 

Ja, if Hitler was alive I bet he too would accuse me of MK Ultra racism against him as was nothing I wasn't guilty of - but money via Goldboy(also a name used for me during MK Ultra) was good.

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