Thursday, May 9, 2024

Xi Jinping tried his best to enforce through the use of violence against me a recreation of greater Serbian chetnik state Yugoslavia what also translates through NATO's bombing of Chinese embassy into further armament of Serbia which utterly went on before my eyes in our Novo mesto house next to Serbian chetnik Aleksandar Vućić

Xi Jinping and his team partnered in Slovenia with Milan Kučan who worked on nothing other than destruction of Slovenian independence.

It is interesting to note that Xi Jinping and his Chinese team insisted me during MK Ultra how they won't officially visit Slovenia and Croatia due to my case or till I finish one as they want to deal with me rather than present politicians, but fact of the matter is a reality of armament that already took place and under circumstances for which everyone in Europe is warning during Serbian renewed calls for war against Kosovo, war against Croatia, and war against Bosnia 

@Chinese - you partnered THE WRONG SIDE as the one you partnered with doesn't even have a coastline as Croatia and Slovenia do. But it goes to show your commitment to new wars on Balkans together with Serbia. Balkans are in Europe and you do have a problem from now on. YOU ALREADY CONTRIBUTED TO WARS SERBIA LAUNCHED IN 1990s AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO CONTRIBUTE/FUEL TILL YOU WILL BE STOPPED.

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