Friday, May 10, 2024

Ukraine shouldn't agree to any "peace plans" offered to one by China and Hungary is a neighbor to be afraid of - you may want to think over before buying that EV

China continues to undermine international justice/peace with assertion of own views on world which far too closely match those of Moscow and Belgrade. 
@China - you are not ready for leadership at UN and are making situation for many nations which are in dire need of your support an extremely hard if not impossible case as such.

@Hungary - you are a lost elephant inside of the European Union who clearly plays NO IMPORTANCE FOR EUROPE AS WHOLE WHEN COMPARED TO UKRAINE. Its time for EU to recognize stated fact and acts. You do not fit into European Union by any means.

When it comes to Ukraine, it appears is providing for European Union more than just protection from Russia. As much as I wish China made step forward in respect to global democracy, it will need a bit longer to make that leap.

Chinese CH-95 and CH-92A UAVs

Procurement of Chinese Drone CH-95 Confirmed

Source: Politika  Monday, 27.03.2023.  14:15
The president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, talking on TV Pink about the demonstration of the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces, announced for April 22 at the Batajnica airport, confirmed officially for the first time that Serbia had bought Chinese drones CH-95.

Previously, there was talk about the possibilities of procuring this aircraft. This drone belongs to the category of medium unmanned aerial vehicles and is slightly bigger than the CH-92A model that the Serbian Armed Forces already utilize. It can stay airborne for around 20 hours, cruising at a distance of around 200 kilometers from the command station.

It is powered by a rotary piston engine, it can fly at over 200 km/h and it can reach heights of over 5,000 meters. CH-95 is used for reconnaissance and combat and it is armed with laser-guided missiles with a range of 8 kilometers. Its procurement has deepened the military cooperation with China, within which the project of the domestic drone “Pegaz” has been completed as well, and this UAV should soon be included in the arsenal of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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