Monday, May 6, 2024

IV drips EXISTED ALREADY SINCE 2000 OR EVEN PRIOR FOR SELECTED BUSH ALIKE FEW, but were announced to me as something that would save me with lady you see in 2017.

 Its a sad psychiatric NEWS we subsist in - repeatedly referred to one in my face during so called "MK Ultra" even as simulated reality. Hitler wouldn't be only proud about United Nations - Hitlers are

running $$$$$ UN. All about your new cure-all for vacation excess which Slovenian police investigators begun to treat themselves with during human trafficking abroad beginning 2012(it was already earlier whenever opportunity quietly opened for them - this police criminals begun to live lives accessible only to super wealthy with also prostitution heavily involved no was in this world they wanted this case to ever end - crime became addition) - as for Milan Kučan and his elite during trips abroad, Golobič and Pahor tested out with Kučan already far back in 2002: the IV drip 

This "MK Utra" case became a lifeline for far too many criminals - for none more than governments. This is, it was and is not MK Ultra, but genocide. Extermination procedure.

Ohhh, US Government which offered selected treatments to Slovenian criminals was using those to lure them back. Kučan and Pahor first tried them on Robert Golob and Golobič - then since it was so greate but I cite, "they still wouldn't tell us what was in it and how", also Kučan and Pahor decided will try. It worked with my observing those whom I have ran from abroad, to replanish themselves next to pool while my reporting themselves with police to them during torture sessions. This became my reality since Slovenian independence - what Tito commenced. Call one torture tourism, but the hosts always get bang for their money - poisoning in return. This schizophrenic form of treatment was also used on me - often times before returning me in real world and it was what psychiatrist Kapš claimed will perhaps make my life a bit longer in the future when they prepared what you see on photo have taken place since 2012 with girl becoming a tester for such future public treatments - available to broader public.

Colon/intestine cancer play has its price. A real Illuminati ritual with which, however, nobody wants to acknowledge as real. Alex Jones's illuminati ritualism more real.

Why is my intestine not absorbing nutrients?
Factors that may cause malabsorption syndrome include: damage to the intestine from infection, inflammation, trauma (injury), or surgery. prolonged use of antibiotics. other conditions such as celiac disease, Crohn's disease, chronic pancreatitis, or cystic fibrosis.

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