Friday, May 3, 2024

Here is the police investigator who also was one of the first involved in the case and who also knew how to be really violent at times

Complained to me once delivered to Croatia at his vacation location in 2012 or so that was
state who retired one and that they would retire all my witnesses etc. If individual is not a police officer, he was hired to pose as one.

It felt strange that state would go after him since he vacation in this part of Istria for a very very long time and have claimed me have finally found a perfect place for retirement in 2008 possibly even 2006. 

Came up with conspiracy theories on how one can't help me due to location where I am at - suggested me to move to another location in Slovenia from Novo mesto and what police massively promoted with idea to cover all traces of genocide. I never ever will. His name Boštjan Kulovec

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