Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Golden advice always came from royals - BUT IT WAS FOR THE COST OF KILLING(criminals THEY HIRED to torture/poison and steal/vandalize/ or even deliver used/broken)

That was costs for me am mounted to astronomical costs and its how British criminals from London also demanded to negotiate with me. Other royals worldwide supported them in their criminal dealings. Heads of the Western royal crime were and are based in London, but Thai royals were just as criminal if not more. This is what this was and is all about. Crime was based on divide and quadrupolarize me and it did for a very long time till it became evident who was behind it all and how. Type of crime couldn't work without involvement of Slovenia as was becoming more and more evident during my stay in US about who was behind it all and vice-versa - what Slovenia with its Serbo Russian and Polish/Czech partners needed to cover up for one. And their royal advice rather was worse than totally useless - wrapped in numerous lies of those they hired to present issues in a similar light as to what truly went on with truth never disclosed. Golden advice hallways came accompanied with exhtortions/ultimatums and even death threats. "Advices" royals gave(and were recorded - they recorded themselves in our house settings to be seen as legitimate as possible) always downplayed grave/dark reality about what went on were used to further downplay own KILL FOR HIRE crime anticipating how only 5% of what you have seen/red about would even come out. In a very same royal category concerning my case, Germans also flocked with a lots of free advice and excuses how it is unfortunately that I will have to go all the way by myself but that blah blah tea is healthier than coffee etc. - citing even how British royals extorted them in respect to Ukraine which they need to defend one. Citing Ukraine as the main reason to get me killed pertained to all politics parties involved and who were willing to support Ukraine at least according to their blah blah - including Joe Biden. It when Ukraine even became a reason for rape at EU Human rights court and at UN https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2024/05/royals-were-identified-by-others.html 

I became a hostage of politics at age 1 and it never resolved for I wouldn't allow a single politician to resolve any of my issues or anyone else for that matter at my age 52. It wasn't about money any more, but toxicity and degree of genocide where clearly every shit/dung was worth more than myself 

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