Friday, May 10, 2024

Chinese did assisted Serbs with death threats before and upon drone delivery to Serbia which based on MK Ultra brainwash was completed already in 2015

Serbian drone negotiations with China trace to much earlier time than first anticipated - 2012 when I was thrown into psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje. Its when mount Everest of crazy issues surfaced which were used to suggest the WEST that type of stuff most likely will contribute whenever mentioned to labeling with paranoid schizophrenia which British royals craved so much. 
Ursula Von Der Layen who was totally acquaintance with transaction only had a problem with satellite system which Serbia would use when negotiation transaction - Chinese satellite system I was updated was not allowed, so Serbia most likely relies on Rusky satellite system.

Chinese proudly supported Serbian death threats in my face, so I have decided will skip ONE CHINA POLICY COMPLETELY TILL CHINA COME CLEAN ABOUT ITS WHEREABOUTS ON BALKANS SINCE 1990

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