Saturday, April 16, 2022

Year was 1997(perhaps even 1996) - hijacked to Moscow where British royals made their new home next to quite a few Americans

Upon arrival to Moscow in this private house, Russians staged terror which left everyone paralyzed - it was a shine of hope for me in drugged up condition for a way out shitholle...I attempted to build on mentioned moment a rebellion against Charles and few Americans who granted one 100% support, but it didn't work...after two days, Americans became totally passive about it...laxed back relaxed...prince Andrew was a miracle what appeared at the time still willing to resist and leave. On my surprise Andrew didn't drink, but such surprise didn't last...he eventually went for a bottle after two weeks during which we had arguments back and forth with Russians and whom else than prince Charles as well as two American politicians who headed the operation - with these two I was second to none in readiness for physical confrontation as their relationship with Russians was a far into the face of US Constitution/Bill of rights and everything American claimed stood up for....two criminals life threatened me. On occasion, I fired on Andrew infrot of Charles as  incompetent alcohol drinker(my idea was to wake him up and get him get us the f*** out of Russia), but it backfired as Charles anticipated used me on occasion to insert in Russian  escapade Prince Michael of Kent...Charles told me on occasion infront of Andrew how he no longer can count on one due to his old habits and will from now on use Prince Michael of Kent instead for much more sensitive when compared to other previous locations operations in Russia...that he wouldn't do such thing as Andrew was next one in line, but has too...its what brought Andrew to knees even more and his alcohol habits exploded(not before he promised me a "retaliation" - Andrew 100% didn't discern between drugged up and sober and was in world of his own). Americans(there was this American who ran all others against my will into compliance with Russian KGB) already all sided with Russians and question became where to get drunk and whose wife to fuck...for tat matter a high ranking police officer KGB individual was dedicated and during walks would take notes of guests which noticed women...a real animal broke out of prince Andrew who initially even claimed me will go scout city(just as I instructed in in Slovenia to do in case they will try to kill us - I wanted him to build connections with people on the side its why I asked one in Slovenia how much money one has in the pocket and demanded proof of his education to present me with) for us to escape...on my dismay Andrew mistake day for night night for day but for nothing other than women and alcohol....weeks went bye and situation was getting from worse to the worst with no way to escape hellhole I alone begin to observe their life in a new homeland...with no one to talk to any longer I begun to bag for ladies as well - declined.

Upon return to Slovenia after few months(they made several tours and whole thing under MK Ultra totaled to several months - probably started in 1996) in 1997 or 1998 Putin ordered Slovenians in our Novo mesto house on occasion plenty of alcohol on a table upon return from Moscow... with Russians convincing us how Americans and British are ours - not our friends but ours/us...with Andrew in tact, Putin unleashed alcohol animal out one in-front of all of us for us to see real Andrew...alcohol ran down British and American throats like water...we were left with and in nothing other than total HORROR. Dismay and just as prince Charles told me as planned...

For his animality(inability to handle foreign affairs), prince Andrew AGAIN blamed me and claimed vendetta against me for the rest of my life BECAUSE I WAS THE ONE ACCORDING TO ANDREW WHO SCREWED HIM IN MOST LUCRATIVE MARKET IN THE WORLD - RUSSIA...dead "envious" of his cousin prince Michael of Kent(how he wanted me to see, but drunk signaled Michael on how they all work together for one - Andrew in another words demanded for me to convert into Russian - how not, it was on Russian pay list taking orders from Russian Vladimir Putin).

This I could go on with, but will stop here - will be used in three words on my complain against mentioned criminals thats all...does me no good - does good rather to British royals who need to apologize $$$$ crime against Ukraine and others including myself...the most lucrative of them all was repeatedly on who knows how many occasions no other than Russia....Putin.

I received death threats for British royals alone in Russia with Michael alone who demanded from me total didn't go well, and he had to leave my sight permanently after two years with meeting me since a regular beast. Excuse me are beasts.

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