Tuesday, April 19, 2022

As far as "wise guys nursery rights" of Robert DeNero at America's got talent in 2016 - and if I tell you portion of his speech was inserted in one by queen Elisabeth alone

100% as stated in title in respect to "wise guys nursery rights" as well as portion I cite, "Old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch a bone for her dog she didn't reach"....

I was first take to queen(two years ahead of this "goodbye speech as she refereed to one as"(Robert DeNiro visited queen on quite a few occasions - sportspeople as well as actors at times entertain royals on the side) and she then assigned one what you see here. He went on to perform crime infront of cameras well prepared for booing and machine sounds in fashion of royals who always have last word...yes, I never knew there was someone that hated me and hates me that much.

Before flight to US in 2016, during hijacking(worse than human trafficking as old criminal attempted to depict me as paranoid schizophrenic - Buckingham palace title I received in Slovenia through psychiatry on behalf of Putin), Robert DeNero stopped with his human cargo also in London where queen reminded me of what she daydreamed off for several years and is awaiting me in US during America got talent show...

I had nooo idea they hate so much. I was brought in Britain to some house ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS for which queen claimed was house of "mother Hubbard" beginning first in 1998 or so...they kept bringing me back to that house over the course of next two decades but I never understood what went on..there is no doubt on my mind queen is mentally ill(criminally insane) individual. Crime as it appears to me necessary element in their surroundings. American politicians visited that "mother Hubbard" house for which however could never be officially established whether it truly belonged to mentioned person...

@Queen Elisabeth - you need care of psychiatrists to have hood fixed as you are 100% not all in there(notice I used capital "Q" letter).


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