Saturday, April 30, 2022

I have met a therapist in the hospital today(she went past security) who guaranteed me in 2004 about my father's future misfortune

 Father was in Novo mesto general hospital in 2004(I was in Miami, USA between 1995 till August 2006 - never existed one and never ever visited Europe) - why I do not know...while she didn't tell me who she was, she would take patients out on exercise. Worked on department where am about to go visit father all along as a nurse therapist from what I can recall...why they had father up there on so many occasions is a real mistery...insisted me will get one back on wheelchair which will be worst option that dead, but they insisted me this way before he had any issues with his strokes/head injuries...since 2004...heading back to hospital to finally meet him. Will be allowed to spend with him only 15 minutes. Moroccan lady from Italy identified and confirmed me all stated - met her again...

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