Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Putin doesn't have any voices in his head; its others on West who suffer far more from voices in their heads these days - Putin health fears: Russian leader 'in state of psychosis' and haunted by 'voices in head'

Don't get me wrong about Putin - he is a beast in the worst sense of the word "beast", but he was not the one who climbed into prince Charles' bloodbath https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/04/blood-baths-of-putin-british-royals.html...not his fold for American, and European top politicians and royal elites to have bathed in insane to, otherwise, normal human being rituals...I actually command one to be so resourceful about it when it comes to loyalists such as those from London...considering what went on and goes on, I would rate Putin rather as totally free of any mental diseases and soon celebrated throughout entire Russia. Its British, Americans, Germans that should worry with leaders who voice such concerns and have nothing but the worst for those whom they claimed were allies with...Ukraine is choking in fire as you know - Russia commenced new round of assault on Ukraine which eastern part already was/is reduced to rubble all at help n/a from the West entering 55th day of invasion on Ukraine supported even by Western NON SANCTIONS...
With what we see goes on, Putin will be a new Russian tsar with Ukrainian leftover(whatever will remain out of Ukraine) following Germany and Londonia to every last corner of the world. as a front line cannon fodder.

I am not in a mode to become shizoid myself by seeing things that do not exist NOT even when concerning my enemy known as Putin who is winning(not whining) with war on Ukraine.
Ukraine concerning my case isn't doing much - not using potential in their hands.

Putin health fears: Russian leader 'in state of psychosis' and haunted by 'voices in head'

VLADIMIR PUTIN is exhibiting behaviours of psychosis and a potential "personality disorder" likely caused by his decision to avoid almost all human contact since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a psychotherapist.

The Russian leader has been self-isolating since the start of the pandemic which psychotherapist Noel McDermott warns could have caused "irreversible psychological" damage and been a factor in his decision to brutally invade Ukraine.

Reports state the Kremlin leader has practically become a recluse since the start of the in early 2020.

Putin has seemingly been exhibiting paranoid behaviour in recent times including avoiding meetings in person - or across ludicrously long tables, using a body double and ensuring his security team test his food before he eats.

The president has reportedly limited contact with most people, while those in his very close circle are understood to have to isolate themselves before being granted an audience with him.

Mr McDermott told Express.co.uk: "At the beginning of the lockdown, Putin isolated himself and stayed isolated from people even until this point. Even now, he is still physically isolating."


Putin's mental state has been scrutinised in recent months (Image: Getty)

putin and maron

Pictured: Putin and Macron meeting. Putin has avoided human contact since start of pandemic (Image: Getty)

Mr McDermott explained that being in isolation for a long period of time can have devastating impacts on a person's mental health and cause them to make drastic decisions.

Speaking about the Russian leader, Mr McDermott said: "His behaviour is totally antisocial and indicates somebody who either has a personality disorder, which is a possibility, or it shows he is extremely afraid and paranoid."

He added: "One of the ways you punish somebody in prison is by putting them in isolation and people don't understand how damaging isolation is.

"It will cause irreversible psychological damage."

He said that when people are placed in isolation, which is a form of torture, it can cause a person's mind to become "broken".

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putin on screen

Putin has been holiday digital meetings rather than in person (Image: Getty)

Mr McDermott added: "It is so horrific what it does to people.

"If he has self-isolated himself, in the way he seems to have done, he's [Putin] going to be in a very, very strange psychological or distressed psychotic state.

"There are more and more reports of him exhibiting these behaviours."

The psychotherapist, who has extensively researched the impacts of existential threats on human mental health, said that "psychosis is pretty common with lack of social contact".

He said: "The voices inside Putin's head would likely have become so much more real.

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