Tuesday, April 26, 2022

When hijacked to Russia since 1996(since) and where American and British teams worked together alongside one another in same space for several years(they expanded in 2002 or so and separated at least some operations)

I was asked which part of the team I do like to be - American or British...

I asked about who makes more money on what answer was British lead, so picked British...they gestured me well then its British money you will be entitled FORGETTING ABOUT WHO PICKED ME UP FROM BED IN MIAMI and brought me there...I told them "sure why not"....

Remember guys !!????

That was no ghost...it was I.

William and Harry claimed me and others how it matters not even a negative publicity when you are as big as royals - well

Well, this isn't about publicity I do on here and although I somewhat agree - you both are not worth chicken shit, but with this degree of inherited en title ment, even chicken shit(you are a living proof of stated) can shit all over the chess board. 

None of you pigeons will ever accomplish anything similar to what I have...you can all live 1000 lives and have all takes from this blog and your lives with mentioned lives...none of you.

I know you all would have done it different and better is what Trump any many of you losers dreamed of time and again - the thing(FACT) is you couldn't have as much as you wished for and you tried desperately time and again...it was always someone that made his or her request...someone or issue that you couldn't refuse because you were just too small for time and space.

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