Friday, April 29, 2022

More and more harm is done to me each day - now through new emergency that involves my father through which police/ psychiatrist/ politicians begun to exhort

Car sold to me was appears sold with engine problem and this from ex police officer involved in MK Ultra with whom at times I even traveled to Italy(she did took me along)...

Desperate but in vain for nothing, two DESPERATE FOR LIFE police directors(one of them director of police Novo mesto Ogulin and second one of Slovenia whose name is Olaj) send me two Roma individuals who knew all about car - using one with idea to purchase car from 

me for police to escape criminal liabilities - car practically never was driven beyond 200 miles and was sold to me as car with perfect engine with no less than 200k something kilometres.Well here is the problem, behind two directors was/is Milan Kučan(Borut Pahor) whose idea was and is to hijack case via Slovenian Roma minority which is the most control group of the population in Slovenia...I have already pointed out Milan Kučan's segment of support he obtained - most vulnerable beginning with low educated who one conditioned employment and were used for the worst crimes against me...

Video about car sale(entire audio recording as was yet another police setup) will be released as next and more proof about stated COVID issues which lead straight into the poffice of Novo mesto major/police and finally psychiatrist who managed to deprive me through crime few more sunny days(slow me down and eventually destroy me - and for the matter @Kapš/Olaj/Ogulin, there will be even greater price to pay).

Crime is coordinated foremost from London, UK. Off course there will be - everything will be...

Except that this is no movie and Charles is not director of one as was in the case above...

@queen Elisabeth - YOU ARE WRONG. You must have noticed "q" written with small letter for already quite some have chose very wrong methods(people) to negotiate with me...goes back to 1995 when you gave special class to Milan Kučan if you remember(well, I don't forget and you ruined even my police career in USA).

Manipulators(slabiči) - I don't like them and never ever did.


@Harry - you should know something about that subject thats are from the right family.
How Prince Harry Teaches Archie About Disabilities

Emily Burack
Fri, April 29, 2022, 5:25 PM

Prince Harry just wrapped up a successful Invictus Games, and he's looking forward to bringing his kids Archie and Lili to the Games in the future.

In fact, Harry has already introduced Archie to what adaptive sports are. "I showed Archie a video of wheelchair basketball and rugby from the Invictus Games in Sydney, and he absolutely loved it," Harry told People. "I showed him how some [players] were missing legs and explained that some had invisible injuries, too. Not because he asked, but because I wanted to tell him. Kids understand so much, and to see it through his eyes was amazing because it’s so unfiltered and honest."

Fans and news outlets praised Harry's straightforward approach inspeaking with Archie, calling it a "model for parents." As one parent wrote in Fatherly, "Talking to our kids about disability is an important and ongoing conversation. But how we go about having the conversations is just as important. Prince Harry did it right: keeping things matter of fact, leaving sensationalized language out of it, and showing his kids that it’s OK to see our differences."

Throughout the Invictus Games, Harry opened up about life in California with Meghan and their kids. Notably, during the opening ceremony, he spoke about Archie's many dream jobs: "When I talk to my son, Archie, about what he wants to be when he grows up, some days it’s an astronaut. Other days it’s a pilot—a helicopter pilot, obviously," Harry said. "Or Kwazii, from Octonauts—If you're laughing then you've seen that." (Kwazii is one of the main characters of Netflix's Octonauts.)

He continued, "What I remind him is that no matter what you want to be when you grow up, it’s your character that matters most. And nothing would make his mum and me prouder than to see him have the character of what we see before us: You." (The "you" here refers to the Invictus Games participants.)

Plus, during his Today show interview with Hoda Kotb, Harry spoke about the joys of fatherhood. He loves being a dad, saying he loves "the chaos, the learning, the reminder of every element of yourself, your soul. When you're not a parent, you can get sucked into all sorts of different stuff and you maybe sometimes forget who you are."

Archie, Harry told Hoda, is at the "why stage: Why this, why that. And instead of just trying to move it on, I give him the most honest answer that I can, and it goes on and on and on until he's satisfied."

They are mental you know....I finally understand them way better. The health experts....

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