Tuesday, April 26, 2022

PREPARATION for BRITISH PRINCE Andrew's return to UK each time we had to travel back from Russia...DE - ALCHOHOLISATION PROCEDURE !

This is repeated https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/04/prince-andrew-hated-because-of-what-he.html, but I want to be seen as delusional individual blamed me for his "misfortune".

I want to be known that I alone have even supported and defended Andrew during his alchoholic fiascoes believing man sided with me - believing one had compassion for me when in Russia...never in insanest dreams would I assume royals were in reality preparing alongside their eastern European colleagues a crime ingredients against me next to everything they have already committed throughout 28 years of torture.

Andrew therefore was NOT A USEFUL IDIOT - its a title one gave himself just as to everything else he used to depict me as the one who chased him and his family into the grave. They worked all together - there never ever was "we" as to what they brainwashed me with. 

In their case, I dealt with no less than three generations of criminals raised from the very same family.

I was guilty, I admit...guilty for not breaking their bones when I had a chance.

Too soft is what I was...


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