Thursday, April 21, 2022

Here is the house where Charles spent also considerable amount of time in Novo mesto

He have chosen one based on two stars atop of the entrance...stars were in meanwhile painted with yellow(due to building renovation).

While hurt because Charles wouldn't visit instead and stay in our(ours before father sold one - where I really spent childhood catching sand lizards and playing with friends) old house, I understood the meaning of the stars...Charles stated me infront of all other royals that I had to suffer like this with life imperil due to his and family safety - Russian trade(insisted when things are too calm, bad things happen all too fast and for that matter one had to rather observe me as someone creating problems - someone who must be there to intervene rather than to be observed and possibly even killed). Here explained next to all other issues stated on my blog explains real relation between myself and Buckingham palace. While with Andrew both referred to me as brother(something I accepted and believed in under MK Ultra for short period on what I again begun to search my own path as was no way to tolerate degree of crime performed against me by them alone) others MK Ultra participants involved in case(TRUSTED PEOPLE AND WHO DIDN'T ENGAGE IN CRIME AGAINST ME, BUT HELPED THEM AS MUCH AS THEY COULD - they alone were disgusted) warned me about such distorted view.

And while I didn't and don't have family, they too will remain to me as a nobody. Someone if I repeat their words, "you can't do this and that...can't earn money by this and that get job here or there BECAUSE WE FIGURED OUT YOU ALREADY ARE PART OF US"...someone who pressured all sides involved(all the royals in Europe as well as countries without royals) to keep away from me and follow their protocol of my becoming member of their family...dead member of their family(I would say it mattered not, but it did and does - to them $$$$)...

I must remind queen Elisabeth there was time when I REJECTED hands full of money(stacks of Euros - there was some private sale he made) prince Charles offered me under MK Ultra...told him instead to give one to Andrew as was of no use to me under MK Ultra...asked both for some girls instead and questioned money for which source I had no grounds to keep in real life...I asked for women(wife), they took advantage of those often times instead infront of me. I was the youngest "brother" with nothing condemned to nothing.

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