Friday, April 22, 2022

Buckingham palace also wanted to make sure I would be murdered ON INSTANT in certain parts of the world if even crossing into one

One of such locations where brought for torture was Borneo, but there were other locations as well...people recorded even reasons as per why I was brought in there - I warned about certain locations on world that wouldn't even know was there and would get killed on instant...
Prince Andrew talked to me a lot about assassination of Romanovs...blamed Lenin for one and insisted me would had me killed(HE ACTUALLY LOUDLY MENTIONED ASSASSINATION ISSUE - LOUDLY DREAMED ABOUT ONE EVEN THAT IT WAS EXTREMELY UNLIKELY I WOULD EVER TURN IN DIRECTION OF LENIN - PERHAPS EXACTLY WHY) me only if I would turn in direction of Lenin...but do British royals have to say lets say about Borneo or other locations where I was dragged !!?????

American psychologist Daniel Rex Smith warned....there are geographical locations in this world you must never cross into as you could be killed on instant...on my question why would I be killed on instant and as he mentioned few(beautiful nature and natives - totally contradicted my passion for nature which I had since childhood) he mentioned me in this room if I remember what was done and went one here and there...

The mental experts from London who have answers on all my life rescuers....friends and even brothers and finally after 28 years of torture with severely damaged health a LOST NEWBORN BABY WHO WILL ALWAYS BE MISSED(I wonder how much Portuguese Ronaldo and his Argentinian female partner got paid for that one -Ronaldo involved since 1995/1996 and his Argentinian partner with idea to initially marry me since 2000)....LOST NEWBORN BABY WHO WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED WAS BORN ON A DAY OF BANANA POISONING THAT LEFT ME WITH SEMI CARDIAC ARREST ON APRIL 19TH, 2022 British $$$$$monarchy$$$$$ :))))) Good boy Ronaldo

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