Monday, April 25, 2022

BUNNY RANCH USA - I was total ONCE in my life time on my own inside of the bordello - it was during truck driving(training) with co-driver from Pakistan who took me in there in probably year 2003

 Stevens transport in Nevada - I initially refused to go in there on my own, but changed my mind and wanted to see with my own eyes what place looks like...I entered and right out walked through the door out back toward truck - didn't drink offered beer or take time to check rooms as beautiful girls gestured United States of America, a Bunny ranch is where George Bush, Bill Clinton, and other politicians would take me drugged up for excursions...Bunny Ranch became wealthy through my case.

Now guys you talked alot about Bunny ranch over the years(years known as "Wise guys' 

nursery rights") and everything that was wrong with me, and I couldn'tsay anything back because was labeled as "paranoid schizophrenic" just for mentioning word, "MK Ultra"...and so now is the time for us to discuss matters right out on a plane sight before global audience.

All those fine congressmen and presidents and myself a nobody a nothing with royal title "paranoid schizophrenic"...

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