Wednesday, April 20, 2022

As far as war in Ukraine, Joe Biden and such(my case)

 You all had 28 years of time to resolve here stated. I don't blame Russia as I never supported one(I did in 2016, and 2017 prior to departure to Russia/Belarus - reason I am alive today), but you all share blame for one another "IF" here stated in respect to Joe Biden and as he threatened me due to my case would be if I lalala - be what !!???? Want to stay alive is what and this is my crime after ruining me 28 years of life !!????

Considering war timing well coordinated for ALL SIDES OF THE STORY(Žirinovski even predicted exact day of war a year ahead of the war) - perfect to delete without trace an individual whom you have ruined 28 years of life. Not war for my sake as was even gestured, but to make disappear without trace(killed) based on my personal observation(experience) of already 55th day of war on Ukraine - 100% YES.

I suppose my case doesn't seat well with prince Charles is democratic Great Britain values and/or United States of America - the greatest country ever - its God fearing citizens with immaculate human rights government record....

I don't think either anyone serious about his presidential tasks would go about my case the way Biden did - he used one as a exit point if needed, but acted against me with worst possible instruments and most criminal intention possible. Insisted how for the sake of Ukraine should just keep my mouths shut, tried to f*** Zelensky before my eyes with mentioned car issue and poisoning(how I will come to Ukraine and teach Zelensky what to eat and what not in respect to cancer seeking with huge smile response of Zelensky right infront of that needed to be destroyed so I wouldn't come to Ukraine as they would kill me and so on fucklety facklety Joe - your best friend on behalf of Buckingham palace indifferent from his predecessor/predecessors)....

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