Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Prince Andrew hated ME according to one because of what he claimed was prince of Kent Michael who passed him(left him far behind is what one cried because of me) financially - in wealth

 Its what Michael earned in Russia from where prince Andrew was BECAUSE OF ME(OFF COURSE) BLOCKED FROM performing financial transactions....except that he had more 

credit with Russians due to his alcohol consuming credentials and loose attitude than all royals together - Putin used one next to newly introduced bloodbaths upon first return from Russia in 1996 to literately terrorize inside of our house a Slovenian delegation with his laid back(Russians laughing to tears) attitude...exactly what Charles alone claimed me was his plan - did so to crush any resistance toward cooperation between Moscow and Londonia...to remove possible future misunderstandings as per who was who and with whom...

Prince Andrew just was and is a scam artist master....the most qualified swindler I have ever known for in my life time. Top Russian KGB even feared Andrew in Russia due to mentioned credentials(not only because they would fear Putin, but Andrew set new standards for friendship - all vodka high ever)...Andrew took lead with women and bottle in his hands leaving Russians in envy to compete with one - it turned beast as soon as soon as somewhat accepted in Moscow...he was perfect for that part...it too PREPARATION for Andrew's return to UK each time we had to travel back...DEALCHOHOLISATION PROCEDURE ! 

In life is that not only winners can't tolerate looser - at times losers can express disgust at winners and win and its exactly what MK Ultra served royals in my case so far....

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