Monday, April 25, 2022

Slovenian tanks donated to Ukraine a regular worthless junk

 Suitable rather for a dump than war-field according to Borut Pahor alone who took me into facility where those were stored on one or two occasions several years ago...he heavily 

opposed to any military assistance to Ukraine. I do also check them prior to use for any possible unidentified tracking devices(GPS or whatever) Russians could use as advantage to track their positions inside of the depot or next to other units...wouldn't use them in group of other tanks of which I am certain are bugs free...check them thoroughly before use.

Slovenian military donated its best arsenal to Serbia and Russia - Slovenia took orders from West based on Serbian and Russian needs, so watch your freebies with extra attention. Some of these GPS devices will not even turn immediately on to send signals - just use with caution.

Slovenian donation to Ukraine and goes same for others in group of eastern nations would be worth something if those would rather acquire weaponry based on needs of Ukrainian military - based on list which Ukrainian military would submit and would be fulfilled afterwards through financial donations. Collecting old garbage in times like this is a crime...I am just saying. Security and national integrity of Ukraine concerns every European. Russia always equaled to wars.

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