Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Involved in "death" of my father under MK Ultra were psychiatrist Peter Kapš, police(chief of the Novo mesto police Ogulin) and individual who met me the other day with blue VW caravan at Gabrje

This was an individual who supposedly would investigate "death of my father" is what they all insisted me on. 

Father stayed inside of the hospital due to what mother who just as under MK Ultra have turned smartphone(from niece most likely) upside down on bed cover while laying in bed in room with lights turned off was/is brain seizure. That she was seating next to one and upon brain scanning, it was decided will stay in there...

The one who took father to hospital was niece's husband(mother refused assistance from me) who on opportunity knowing my view on one have blocked entry/exit doors from living room - have positioned himself in area of entrance eyeing me and stood there till I angrily reminded one of where he is - advice one to not taste my patience.

Kapš came up for father's exit scenario with multitude of scenarios, but guaranteed one as 100% end for father on picture in my life...then they rushed it would be mother who would find her way out...

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