Friday, April 29, 2022

Not allowed to visit father - female receptionist involved in MK Ultra pointed at the visitation schedule from 3pm to 4pm which is in contrast to real front entrance indicating

 One hour less of visitation time(at front entrance to the building, visitation schedule indicates 3 to 5 pm visitation time while at the rear of the building also known as the main entrance time for visitation is displayed from 3 to 4pm). On opportunity telephone was jammed so I wouldn't take either video or photo at the entrance(I used second android to 

video record crime and third one to audio record receptionist which was even hiding in new office made specially to screw me up - under MK Ultra when new bar was open at the rear entrance known as main entrance, reception was located further down the entrance but they evaluated my response and have created DISTURBING second office almost behind entrance doors to the building to buy time so electronic equipment could be jammed from the people - I have video and audio to prove stated).

Mother never told me during her visitations to hospital and have always repeated me the same - open from 1500 to 17 hours...when I asked at front entrance(entrance for urgencies) why their schedule differs from the one at the main entrance(located located rear of the building), answer was because of Coronavirus issues...on my questions as per how long Coronavirus issues already last now, my question was rated as not brightest one(since Coronavirus started)...and for asking how long these issues exist, I almost got ass kicked out by the lady... she refused to acknowledge schedule change/replacement(update) was behind for no less than two years and bride from Indonesia was identified at Mercator center(pointed year 2013 and it was year when she moved to Slovenia), Moroccan bride at Loka sports center(involved since 1999, but I refused to move from USA to Slovenia to marry her and she departed to Italy is at least what she and her boyfriend wanted for whole thing to look like - reality was that she came with family to Italy to work in restaurant business which her future Italian husband had - they are from Venezia Vicenza area not Rome from what I can recall - she was unwilling to communicate much and I had to use young Roma multilingual translator for job - I only pointed out her husband as Italian who was not present at the time while for her I even believed was Slovenian at first), I also managed to identify Roma guy involved since 1996(broken spine issues as well as employment) met me for a talk and so on...

Two brides and one Roma guy who have stolen me two brides therefore - all together 4 brides not bad and I want to say first girlfriend he had was blonde from Bela Krajina...second one not...first one had extra kilos while second one was quite slim with darker hair...not confirmed, but you can bet with life on it...I shoiuldn't be anywhere in Europe between 1995 and august of 2006...yet I traveled on train to Bela Krajina(close to Croatian border - near Karlovac) with him since 1997/1998...

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