Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Went twice on Gorjanci(trdinov vrh) - twice returned home without any health related symptoms from the past

Just to be poisoned to degree that I felt will not wake up in the morning - Sunday(April 17th, 2022) upon return from Gorjanci poisoned by milk - poisoned with whatever was left in one on what I rather than sleep, have proceeded to walk for another two hours as was gonna blow my head after drinking whatever was left inside of that milk....with mother(after consuming one and its all audio recorded) behaving insanely in my face on how she has a very bad news for me, but will tell me about one the next day....asked me to fix her TV that she switched one with one in living room, then if I can fix her phone(all thanking me for which is contrary to her aggressive behavior), and then how she has a very bad news for me on what I left as my head felt like will explode from pain. The bad news I didn't wait for because I knew I wouldn't wake next morning if I did....

Monday(yesterday - April 18th, 2022) when I returned from Gorjanci without any health related problems 
and have consumed bad banana which appeared was poisoned not only partially rotten only - woke up this morning with semi cardiac arrest never experienced before after climbing in bed last night without any health problem whatsoever.

Coffee I learned whenever drinking one alone(excepting milk from one), is not a problem to sleep issues - milk just as was told case will be, was/is...milk never was purchased inside of the store but always delivered home by others - since my return from Poland in 2020.

Blood poisoning related to tooth issues can be a very serious problem IF this was the only problem accompanying me. I think it was and is far more.

Tough to work so much on health, eventually even somehow improve one, and return to location to get poisoned even more in return...not "toxic" as brainwashed to see world to see as - its rather a kill procedure/killing. A regular murder.

Mother who asked me to cut lawn and for whom I dressed myself to do just that yesterday admitted to have thrown away my shoes I used for lawn as were old - with police and local psychiatrist insisting me under so called "MK Ultra" on how I cite, "you wouldn't care about old shoes etc. if something like this was to take place as you have so many others if you would we would consider you retarded and even hospitalized you" 

Mother didn't allow me to cut grass after afterwards(I ate first and she hoped I will go into my room instead to eat myself) as psychiatrist Kapš frequently figured out was the way to do with me...door hook from my room is unscrewed on weekly bases(interior side as well) since 2020 return from Poland by most likely having father using stolen key to also cause other damage in room....

The most powerful weapon Britons utilized with their other allies against me was crime from family of my own against me under close guidance of psychiatrist Peter Kapš and police...Kapš's work during MK Ultra was almost entirely dedicated to me by using old and even fake clients to cover-up crime as American psychologist told me. Regular hired by Buckingham palace assassin with psychiatric license which he according to own words to me used to cash in.

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