Saturday, April 23, 2022

Princess Anne claimed I will serve her as diamond pendant around her neck

When I became deadly serious in 2004(never eccentric as to what US employers aimed at during my stay in USA when any joke or polite gesture from my side was turned into semi hostility from their end toward me as per inappropriate or misunderstanding which didn't seat well with others - only my stupid smile always present otherwise to comfort people around me regardless of what those would contemplate in stay disappeared - I wanted life based on facts(measured by efforts invested in one and

it didn't go well with European royals who demanded infantile MK Ultra personality)
 royals rebelled against me with everything they had - everything and anything they could use through "social" settings I was compelled - either through shared housing or hostel environment(this war went on for almost 7 years and have expanded through US all the way to Scandinavia - attitude eventfully saved my life as I outlined clearly an car accident in Slovenia during 2008 as an assassination plot - have distanced myself for the first time from my family to condemn one in the face of the world - crime was much more than assassination plot - it was assassination ritual led by Milan Kučan, Borut Pahor, Zoran Janković and others prior to actual assassination plot)...I received hundred reminders in the face after MK Ultra sessions with random people(MK Ultra staff members) stating me in face I cite, "hi Bob, remember when we said smile"(they  wouldn't want me to account even for food or hostel bills)....turning me into a diamond was a favorite gig of princess Anne who contrary to Charles was 100% dead serious individual(so I was told) prior to 1996 on what she let all go with what she claimed was "to help me". Help never arrived and it appears to me she was of very free spirit even before 1995 when my case seen Swiss company also was involved in my case if nothing else, for a good laughter they had around me...orders for mentioned from top elites, I understand, rained....funny specially when considering how prince Andrew REPEATEDLY demanded from me to see myself against them through eyes of Russian Romanov killers - Andrew(and some other Londonian "royals" did) craved for self-destructive, masochistic, subconscious, sociopathic, statements of mine against myself....

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