Friday, February 25, 2022

Even for what I stated was rehearsal of driving by Uhl from Trebnje to Novo mesto the second or third day after accident with my new tires I purchased

was rehearsed for entire week(ITS WHEN EVERYBODY SUPPOSEDLY OBSERVED UHL DRIVING BACK TO NOVO MESTO AND EVEN OTHERS WERE DRIVING CAR BACK TO NOVO MESTO FROM TREBNJE) perhaps two months after the accident with idea to confuse me on timing of original setup with tires - in this psychiatrist Kapš was involved as well as Olaj/Ogulin(previous director of police in Novo mesto and present) and some parliamentarians and other blah blah that lasted entire week long - whenever they brought me back from hiking I had to listed I cite, "were you there did it go, did drove okay, something went wrong, yeah I saw that too, went without problem, we all went blah blah blah"...
They wouldn't be doing this stuff for no reason. For others and whom they gestured how they participated observing Uhl driving back to Novo mesto in case I would EVER create report somehow, the idea was to make me look as not credible/ confused and finally pointed at as liar
It was more than assassination plot if that is not enough. It was continuation of assassination plot. My parents participated in one.

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