Sunday, February 20, 2022

This is the biggest case in the history of the world

When I think of otherwise very important civil rights issues, those are joke compared to mine. It took me much of the information that I somehow I managed to recall after breaking mentally from chain of psychiatry and all other institutions/environment used against me and watching this morning Chechnya related videos - memories kicked in as to me was worthless to call out numerous people involved in case...did them no good and did me no good and it made no sense, but it makes a whole a lots of sense now 
There was only one real US president America had and one representative world had for the last 27 years...just one man who didn't betray small nations/small people own principles and the cost for me was overwhelming. I listed often times from their(that other culture you know - 27 years of stab in the back  saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing, lie a lot and finally as was all about kill through lies while claiming me and world it was I who went after them) mouths about "LIFE AFTER ME"....

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