Thursday, February 17, 2022

Inside Rolex in UK, I was told by William back in 2004/2005 that I will be worth something once I am capable to create something as seen n this photo

The British guys were heavily involved from Rolex in my case, and all other employees more or less...but according to my memories from British Rolex, only certain parts/costumisation and assembly was done in Britain while most sensitive party were imported from Switzerland as Charles alone also told me...part seen here was made in UK and one who made one was boss at the department with machines - blonde dude. Psychiatrist Kapš pushed his nose inside of the Rolex factory and so did other SLOVENIAN garbage who claimed my insanity per their convenience. Few ministers opened themselves own companies and were pulling money from connections they made through this case...neighbor police officer told me "you made few people extremely wealthy with your departure to US....your life went to hell, but many made fortune with your departure to USA"...this mental illness of mine had everything to do with pockets of pro Slovenian politicians and those whom we people have acknowledged traditionally as traitors...and so it went my 27 years down the toilet.

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