Monday, February 21, 2022

Putin used a doppelgangers of targeted victims once those would get involved in MK Ultra

These doppelgangers(example was Anna Politkovskaya case in which Putin involved her doppelganger which was used against me as a torture tool on what I would be reintroduced into his world where real time Politkovskaya met me, but couldn't understand my hostility toward her just as I wasn't capable to understand "her" mode switching) would engage in provocative torture till obtaining from me even condemning statements on what Russian government(100% terrorist state to make myself clear) services would get them through barrage of attacks almost always killed. Seldomly would those survive "my" curses...took place ongoing throughout Caucasus area, but also throughout Russia...Mid Eastern/Persian physicians searched me back and forth for any possible device, but couldn't find one regardless...
Chechens and other in area who offered very beautiful women couldn't understand why I turned back to those each time...because Putin dreamed about since day one of MK Ultra on how he would get me killed anywhere on ex Soviet territory(he went with his assassins beyond ex Soviet territory and dreamed together with desperate American CIA about my immigration to Libya/Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria before war conflict started there) he did his best to link me to connections which would guarantee me death. So I figured out for me to get read of him is best to remain EU national and US citizen without compromising action with matrimony. Caucasian women are otherwise really beautiful and very loyal - quality almost extinct in Europe.
When I did expressed interested for Chechens and other in area based on their physical appearance in 1996(second year of MK Ultra case) and at the same time rejected Russians, it was uproar on Putin's team - they went MAD. Putin went insane and option became for the impossible - more like a self death sentence if I would proceed toward one.

Nothing personal, but I really need to seal Vladimir Putin's faith. He(coward who only entered my life and acted like having impact on one only entered my life via my being drugged up - its a human shit that otherwise walking on the streets wouldn't even dare to raise his eyes on anyone), his family, and his tentacles are regular terrorists. Russia a regular terrorist state.
Naaahhh, I couldn't reveal just everything to everyone under MK could and would land on the wrong ears too fast and I wouldn't be even writing any of this... Putin's strength was West(knife in your back) with George Bush as #1 supporter of Vladimir Putin. Other than that is all explained above. George Bush was the one who breath me death behind my collar before one became president - since 1999...he became America nightmare known as "Anything for Putin".

USA co-finances import of Russian terrorists on its soil. 
As an example, these two women and with Russian terrorist were all inside of this very house and inside of this very room in Novo mesto and performed abuse/torture on me infront of Slovenian authorities...I was taken to them in Russia and subjected to humiliation infrot of them in USA. Alexandra Elbakyan is financed 100% by Putin(whatever sources are used to financed her all lead to Putin) as one is politically correct Kazakhstanian as one would refer to her and for Olga Lebed visit to see how she pisses all over USA in USA.
World is drowning in crime these days and some have disappeared in one without trace - entire Chechen nation which accomplished its well deserved independence with victory of Russia in 1996 as an example....UN SAW NOTHING, HEARD NOTHING, KNEW/KNOWS NOTHING NEXT IN LINE PLEASE...HITLER DREAMED ABOUT MAKING NATIONS DISAPPEAR WITHOUT TRACE IS WHY - IT WAS HIS LIFETIME DREAM.

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