Thursday, February 24, 2022

After bullshit night(not even 4 hours of sleep audio recorded), my mother went on to suggest as it did since 2006 that I do not sleep at night

Not kind worst for someone who spends about 4 liters of water per exercise to stay alive(what I do for last 2 years, but I did engaged in long walks and survived because of exercise for the last 4 - no exercise and water consumption means spasms in legs and then heart complications withing days now and no longer is about pressure sound only). Walking on average 6 hours a day and drinking water is what keeps me alive.
MY food bills she and psychiatrist claimed me for years are paid with father come with extreme costs of 90 Euros per much as mentally ill get in psychiatric institutions(or socially endangered) get for cigarettes. Where one subsists like this, other flourish in my case for no less than 28 years. While thing is organized crime. sleep deprivation is a regular kill procedure through the most severe torture and recalling events from being  drugged up(tortured) does its part.
She is mom to me just as Josef Fritzl was to his daughter and all coordinated with police.

Walking with water consumption was referred to me as natural dialyses under MK Ultra brainwash under which I wouldn't survive.

She is highly qualified for work at Bergen Belsen despite her age - could substitute Hilda there in case you are about to reopen one...

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