Friday, February 25, 2022

F*** YOUR SANCTIONS: You don't think its time to call Vladimir Putin a war criminal !!???? Well, I do and its long overdue.

Forget about so called "sanctions" or I will not take you seriously. 
The so called "sanctions" on Putin in case of Ukraine where prior to this conflict already 14.000 Ukrainians were murdered translates IN MY EYES into his famous war on "Bolshevism"(communist Lenin guilty for it all) as is nothing but support for Putin. And

support for "sanctions talk" at this point after Ukraine was most severely betrayed 8 years on the raw(faced armed conflict with Russia since 2014 without any assistance from West) is under such circumstances called imperialism - Putin regards one as "denazism of Ukraine"...sanctions on Putin and every excuse for avoiding what should be , are nothing more than sand in eyes of world - a continuation of Trump and Putin's special relationship. NATO deploying troops near Ukraine translates into more rewards for Putin...more of what I have repeatedly stated on this news site will continue to grow into recolonization of this world....IT WASN'T ONLY US GOVERNMENT THAT POINTED OUT EXACT PUTIN'S SCENARIO AS MEDIA CLAIMS - I DID TOO - meaning that NATO firmly betrayed eastern European member states not only Ukraine at expense of global colonial plan / "diamonds"(oil/gas) trade which Vladimir Putin stated me personally will use at the end of the conflict to bleed out(Western see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing media) remaining Ukrainian resistance in the face of the world...this war conflict is obtaining more and more characteristics evident to other conflicts where exactly as stated here was used by "NATO" for London to get as pleased via nothing more than blah blah about Putin all over the media.
@Stoltenberg/Berlin/ Washington DC - where is Europe !!???? Do you know where one is on the map - would you be capable to point one out if I asked you this question in-front of the map !!???? Stressing the blame for war all on Putin is also WRONG as same goes on for way too long without any results and those deserved for war just as Putin are very pleased with their country not being named rather than Putin...even better so is your troll Putin's troll Mr. Aleksei Navalny incarcerated at this time(Navalny is a regular safety mechanism that was used by Putin and by West in case things wouldn't somehow workout in Ukraine and both would have to present Russia in a better light) awaiting IN CASE THINGS WOULD GO WRONG WITH UKRAINE ENOUGH, SO PROTESTS WOULD TRIGGER NOT ONLY HIS RELEASE but also more "just world" according to your taste....your picture sucks and is not difficult to see through one.


 There was article earlier on yahoo how Putin didn't change his clothing two days - why don't you go as well as mind congratulate him on his victory !!???? How much for the private article on yahoo !!????

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