Saturday, February 26, 2022

IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT WITH ONE ANOTHER: Its time to call Russia out - no longer Putin

 Navalny and your controlled Western media are a Russian guarantee to Russia that Russian roulette in Ukraine can't go wrong. Mr. Aleksei Navalny incarcerated at this time IN CASE THINGS WOULD GO WRONG WITH UKRAINE ENOUGH, SO PROTESTS WOULD TRIGGER NOT ONLY HIS RELEASE but also more "just world" according to your taste....your picture sucks and is not difficult to see through one - Navalny is a regular safety mechanism "locked by evil"  Putin before one commenced war in Ukraine. And except that Navalny absolutely knew all about coming war in Ukraine(100% as much as Putin as one participated everywhere) , Navalny reported absolutely NOTHING about one coming as next...not about "sanctions" only 

If its only for Putin, Russia can go on and kill everyone in Ukraine and how not(its Putania doing it all not Russia right !!???? Brainwash sounds extremely familiar let me see - Londonia or Washingtonia !!???? All will be good at the end with lots of Ukrainian corpses laying around because "what matters is that we are again together" - not who in reality did it or why)....sanctions against Putin HAHAHA - not even I stated f**** your "sanctions" just tell us for how much this time....


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