Sunday, February 27, 2022

This Google(Blogger) "problem" which Joe Biden talked about was/is launched at me from US

 Its impossible to add more time loss and frustration to every attack Americans alone create  
Video can be also seen at
And pay attention to views apparently I have on blogger...7, 8, 10, 20 views - just as the case is with youtube. They went right after existential for human being to be alive needs - money/pay(adds) they cut me from, and while under urgency(labeled as insane) they discredited me through views counter for no less than 12 years. That much about America and West on general. Ruined my life through torture(utterly through drugging me up, blacklisting me on employment market which was used as main torture and systematic toward complete destruction asset, helped enemy side which took over my country at international human rights institutions and abroad where I attempted to immigrate and to kill me through psychiatry and blocked as stated every existential for life financial option which was used after once poisoned to Push me to Poland to further exhort breaking myself spine through totally illegal/criminal practices related to workers rights and further played with cancer issues next to years long destruction of property and what you see here - no right to physician as needed and so on...boy what a country - only in America). and left one for dead abroad where ex-pulsed through what turned permanent unemployment after severe torture which they demanded from me to refer to one as "highest MK Ultra profile ever"(regular low life paedo alike criminal garbage with inherited titles or connections allowed what regular folks are not).
Lee Harvey !!???? Hahahaha...yes, you had them in the White House for no less than 27 years now. Too much(mucho) hatred for my taste - too many eccentric Harries, Charlies, Williams, Andrews and their uncle Tom$$$$...lunatics in short who lead world by presenting solutions to problems THEY CREATE.

Something to be proud about as an naturalized American citizen since 2000... will add something American next to all this to make your day better and what I heard each time during torture(its how always ended for 25 years), "HAHAHAHAHA"

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