Tuesday, February 22, 2022

"Russian" Armata tank was completed by British, Germanas and Americans at Putin's request written on paper in year 2002 IN THIS VERY HOUSE IN NOVO MESTO - additional fixtures(modernisation) were mounted on one as years passed by West alone proposing those

Main Putin's requests were tied for so called "T-14 Armata" ability to engage from distance and speed of the tank as one was specifically designed for FUTURE war with Ukraine(to ran one over as fast as possible) - West can confirm.

In 2002, I participated next to Russian Duma representatives(including and specially Russian communist representatives whom Putin these days regards as Bolsheviks - they were and are corrupt beyond beliefs) Western patriot alike anti missile defense installation in vicinity of Moscow - Putin pointed at Muslims...Britons armed Ruskies more than 
anybody. Britons espionaged American arsenal and were passing one to Russians with off course total consensus of CIA and US generals. Because they were collecting extra points with Russians...

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