Tuesday, February 15, 2022

@Algiria & France - War is heading your way(also Lybia and Western Sahara partially already occupied)

Ukraine and Turkey need petroleum, you need weaponry. It concerns also France and China where petroleum is needed as well - basically security in Mediterraneum. Don't wait for end of COVID19 restrictions as Ukraine which they(London/Washington) placed on a front-line for the sake of this issue will not get one resolved alone. Use your unlimited oil supplies efficiently 

@Libya - stop being stupid. Russia is "easy come easy go little here little...", but you paid ultimate price for its bullshit politic. Kiev/Ankara/Beijing are waiting and tomorrow may never come - they inked contracts with Morocco and Tunisia two weeks ago....

@Ukraine - you just have to talk to the right people about oil/gas issues and say NO to those who insist you have no one to talk to. Planes are flying also today to Tripolis and Algiers.

Tu purchase Russian weaponry means to pay top price for outdated American(British/German) and easily outperformed as needed by NATO weaponry(while much more advanced than one from USSR, one still presents only outdated for NATO technology). Even if not as advanced, element of surprise could be far more effective tool in a battle than well known, know what to expect answer which countries facing Buckingham palace's logarithm were faced with in the past. It also means to support knife in your own backs when buying one as Russia will throw you on a table on first opportunity possible...Putin needs bigger palace than one on Crimea...bigger palaces need extra income more problems and solutions to problems https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/02/without-creating-problems-there-is-no.html just as they all do...

Buckingham palace guided me like a dog on the leash(HIDING BEHIND ME AND INCITING IN TENSION EVEN FRENCH AGAINST ME) drugged up all over Northern Africa claiming that I want to get rid of Algeria... its a bullshit made in UK and Tedros Adhanom Ghebre JESUS of United Nations.

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