Thursday, February 24, 2022

There was no motion detectors that would trigger the light at neighbors at absolutely anytime on several ocasions I video recorded - I had another visit tonight

Was woken up at 0445 this morning after someone again pushed whatever through the holes and father's insane(malicious) coughing. This was to be expected after extensive walk I did yesterday. And so it goes "why don't you sleep at night". with view on Krka pharmaceutical right infront of me night after night day after day...just as director Slovenian police Anton Olaj and director of Novo mesto police guaranteed me under MK Ultra - torture during while I was drugged up.
Police and neighbors lied(brainwashed with lies while torturing me drugged up - MK Ultra) even about motion detectors.
 Any other help from West than Buckingham palace members(royals) insisting me on how this is the company which will kill me, I never ever got - same went on with American and German delegations which would paid visits during my being drugged up sessions. Never mind their oil and gas contracts they inked with Caucasus, Abkhasian, Ukrainian, and other blood on occupied(some not occupied, but with Russian consent - Iraq) by Russia territories with Vladimir Putin....George Bush whose family traded even with a Nazi Germany during prohibition perhaps got the idea for 9/11(Iraq) right through seeing what seats infront of me...profits are heftier you know. Money is blood.
New contract for British is on the way for Putin, so prepare for more blood to be released through side pipe throughout Russian territory and elsewhere...nothing personal, its just business you know. Went to America in 1995 to endup as seen here...both sides promised me will be all good after open heart surgery.

We haven't heard from him a while till I posted this yesterday and hit his nerve straight to the core
Ladies and gentlemen a big round applause for American hero. I cite Bush on a front page of the Yahoo news site which article he bought for himself, "You have to understand, George. Ukraine is not even a country.” <== and George just as to the prince Harry(THE big man that he became) THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR AMAZING SUPPORT AND WORDS OF CONSCIOUS
 With support like this, one is best to place rope around his neck and jump. Trust me, things can get much much worse than death itself.

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