Friday, February 25, 2022

Krka Pharmaceutical stated me how they will work one year to pay me for damages(1 billion Dollars or whatever)

No will pay for damages one way or the other, but first company will be closed down to ensure you pay for harm and second perhaps regardless of compensation, even sold to foreigners who don't have appetites to engage in genocide against natives for the sake of $$$(money is Serbia and Russia in this case). Its not such a easy way out after crimes so sever you will have to prove the right to exist as a company in Slovenian environment first if you are to stay in Slovenian hands. Your top personnel is totally incompetent - even demented and corrupt beyond degree of mafia without any national self awareness in you. You are disgrace for Slovenia. 




Videna novica pravkar ob 0835 Februarja 25, 2022...
 Publicirana včeraj ko sem bil na terenu od koder nisem interneta z izjemo lastništva Fulde do zjutraj niti pogledal...moje poročilo je bilo napisano zdodaj zjutraj brez da bi sploh pogledal karkoli na internet.

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