Thursday, February 24, 2022

Insane ultra violent Slovenian village bellow St. Gera/Trdinov Vrh(just some 8 miles from here) would like to become part of Russia - they know not reponsibilities of being Slovenian, so I would love nothing more than to repatriate them back

Gabrje was a ultra violent village during my being drugged up which seems knows no responsibilities for their crime against Slovenian native. Invitation to court on hearing, financial penalties and or imprisonment for few should AND WILL JUST FIX THAT PROBLEM. Even more so to calm the passion down and see each other as human beings first.
I don't see these folks as Slovenes. This got nothing to do with national resistance WWII front. Its a call for violence rather than to accept responsibilities for crimes committed against me.

@Gabrje - you are not Croats, you are not Bosnians, you are not Pollacks nor you are Ukrainians or Slovaks or Czechs...and I am Slovenian. Your actions specially when considering Russian war in Ukraine and elsewhere are acts of bandits in line with Hitlerism not partisans. Incitement in hatred/extremism.  далеко до тебя россия(за Украинойа и завтра под вопросом).


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