Wednesday, February 16, 2022

When new watch company surfaced out in 2015/2017(after 20 years of torture which commenced in 1995), British begun to openly refer to me as Bobo(animal - stupid if translated) inside of my room in Novo mesto infront of neighbors/Kučan etc..

Britons guaranteed me they own every major company on Ali-express and ebay - will in addition contact every company owner with whomever I will try do business with to blacklist me...rule for which Britons claimed me was in place since 2005. 
 Londoners claimed me to hold by the throat every Chinese watch manufacturer as was technology they brought in China...impression they gave was as if China didn't exist prior to their arrival there(as if they discovered China)...when confronted about Japanese watch manufacturing technology same answer followed as on Swiss manufacturing - all came to China because of them its when Japan didn't exist any longer either.
Our Novo mesto house became on each occasion whenever hijacked(drugged up) a social club for politicians and business elites from all over the world. My neighbors in street of Igor Kotar was told(and Slovenian politicians - it was in no one's interest for truth about me to come out even for the cost of entire nation), commenced watch retailing on internet due to connections they made by meeting watch manufacturers/sellers...Talking about Harry/William in respect to Bobo 

I was warned against expressing support for Sarah Ferguson (I hardly believed when Harry and William expressed their views as young kids on their aunt's cheating scandals and even on me as per being problem for them - drugged up as I was I presented also problem for royal matrimonies and was same with Diana BECAUSE THE TWO MALES WERE AS PROMISCOUS AND CRIMINAL AS POSSIBLY HUMAN BEING CAN BE) by foreign leaders, but I tell you that once I get this behind me, she will get all support woman can get to obtain normal way of life from these parasites. They are not human and their insanity was the one that ran Diana into grave whether they like to admit or not.

We will see who Bobo is...

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