Saturday, February 19, 2022

With less than 200 miles I have made with car, one appears to have engine oil blown all over the engine compartment and shared responsibility for Russo Serbian Polish crime against me in Slovenia was just as in Poland again provided from overseas - in this case United States of America(George Bushs personal mechanic)....Kučan Pahor have very little NOTHING really to worry about as where things are heading

Neighbor Andrej Uhl took responsibility for attack during MK Ultra torture - TOLD ME WHEN I GET HAIL REPAIR PACKAGE FROM CHINA, MY ENGINE WILL BE DESTROYED(guaranteed me I will not make it to postal office and back), SO I WON'T EVEN HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT REPAIRING ONE. AND IN CASE I WOULD, HE INSISTED WOULD GO ON TO CAUSE OTHER DAMAGE -  after using car on 4 occasions - a backup for Slovenian criminals same as case was for medical examination came from United States of America - WEST basically...
Video can be also seen at
Scottie Kilmer was in this Novo mesto house(not only that one had me in US time and again - somehow youtube channels from MK Ultra participants excelled and paid off) on several occasions and have participated in crime since 1996 or so...type of help no one really needs as is a good as death sentence.
Whether I made with car 200 miles is a good question - the answer to one, however, is no I did not.

For medical examination I was accompanied by American British couple, and for this crime a personal mechanic from George Bush was used for crime coverup. This man engaged in torture with his friends and family members for no less than 25 years.
I knew that going to Poland, to Czech republic, or Slovakia will have as an outcome exactly what you see here because Slovenes wouldn't sent me there to break spine without providing a backup for Polish crime upon my return from only return from such missions alive if something BIGGER is awaiting you at your homeland - more and greater crime... crime became a form of entertainment not issue of any kind and Vatican Pope a disgrace for human faith  

Here is how last dimes were taken away from me next to 27 years of life which I spent on torture. Another gift from me from JOE BIDEN/HARRIS.

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