Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Promised old German tanks to Ukraine LACK AMMUNITION(they do now) - Russia plunders and murders all over Ukraine unobstructed

Germany promised Ukraine to supply tanks(Gepards). It turned out, however, that they lacked ammunition
4 hours ago
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The Germans promised to provide Ukraine with the long-awaited Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. It turns out, however, that they lack ammunition. - Anti-aircraft guns without ammunition are useless - said Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk.

Ukraine asked Germany to deliver the Cheetahs two months ago, right after the start of the Russian invasion.

- At that time, the application was rejected by the German authorities - reminds N-TV. On Tuesday, Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced that Germany will provide Ukraine with heavy weapons - the first delivery will include 50 Cheetahs from Bundeswehr resources, equipped with anti-aircraft systems.

- We asked Berlin for these weapons systems from the first days of the war, because the Ukrainian army would make good use of them

 - Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk said in a statement for N-TV.

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“We were then told it was useless as there was not enough ammunition. Nothing has changed until today. That is why the Cheetah issue has not been included in the agenda of bilateral talks in recent weeks.

- AA guns without ammunition are useless. If the ammunition is not supplied by the German defense ministry within the next few days, Ukraine will likely have to abandon this offer from Germany

 Melnyk pointed out.

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), the producer of Cheetahs, currently has only around 23,000 ammunition in stock. One Cheetah is able to fire up to 1,100 rounds per minute from both guns, NTV calculates.

Minister Lambrecht and KMW promised to help provide the necessary ammunition. It will be sought in the first place in countries where Cheetahs are currently used (Jordan, Brazil, Qatar).

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