Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What psychological consequences of your wasting 24 hours on exercise withing two days(48 hours - drinking water to clean blood) are just to return home and be poisoned like a rat

 Consuming 8 liters of water during hiking trying to clean your system and eventually clean one on what situation each time turns dire with ending result of semi cardiac arrest as promised case will be...I will only tell you it can be bad very bad when considering length of time that stuff like this in totally controlled environment goes on...DISALLOWED TO PICK MYSELF UP AND GO ABOUT LIFE(JOB) TO AT LEAST SOME DEGREE...I doubt you can work without sleep with blood pressure blowing in your head and constant 

pain in heart area...job search and "toxic" which they accented during MK Ultra was/is one thing...but to go on about something like this for the sake of some British drunk and his crazy brother from London(yeah, claimed me that I will have to prove them to be worthy) is a no no...even his wife Sarah Ferguson escaped violent drunk womanizing incompetent cretin at one point in her life...Andrew dreamed about getting me behind walls of mental institution just as Putin dreamed about poisoned watch he would plant me with...

@Andrew - My version is better and also more detailed in account than of Epstein(same seed of garbage as yourself)

To be useful idiot is not even bad, but to be criminal as stated above and bellow - is. I was even useful idiot myself - its what YOU AND YOUR BROTHER THOUGHT with your mommy Hubbard...

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