Friday, April 29, 2022

The best feature of prince Harry's Montecito villa is location in California - and while nobody liked his gaming style architecture(housing goes to tell about his real IQ - I state this because he insisted me on my being demented for rejecting one as stylish)

 queen Elisabeth have chosen for the same reason to depart from Buckingham palace....if they could get through Ukraine to Moscow, Kiev and other eastern European capitals would fall a pray without any resistance whatsoever...tell them Mr. Harry ;) 

@Harry - the article you posted yesterday, takes you and your family a step further in direction of

He was recorded in Slovenia about gestures in his article(on how for me to see one as - death threatened me) to me when having me captive drugged up in this room....

When death threats are involved in MK Ultra scenarios or cancer/spine breaking games with I cite, "IF YOU WILL SAY DO THIS THAT LALALALA..." <== they 100% will realize those. There is no such thing as "if you will we will I will"....

Putin doesn't need to threaten really...its coming in his direction like it or not...its last chance for one to get removed for everyone's sake in this world....

As far as Harry and his villa - this is a lunatic(mentally ill health expert) with royal title. Day dreamed about having me locked inside of his yard for the rest of my life...sicko.

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