Saturday, April 23, 2022

Prince Harry, THE MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT FROM BUCKINGHAM PALACE, Says He Prioritizes His Mental Health by Avoiding 'Toxic Parts of the Online World'

British royal mental health expert(God have mercy on already severely crippled America where one is allowed to stay despite Buckingham palace's colonial past against one), seems knows alot about "TOXIC" ONLINE world...and even what you should and what not(perhaps allowed is what he is trying to tell you) follow on appears in Britain, mental health experts from Buckingham palace with royal titles administer population even as far as internet activities - similar to their Romanov cousins in Moscow lets say who have instead simply disconnected internet for Russians to stay safely inside of the Putin's box !!????

Indian(from India) IT people involved in MK Ultra asked me to post Blogger file(backup content) when sharing one with world elsewhere than on google drive after observing google owners inside of this house in Novo mesto swearing to insert inside of one a tracking capabilities for people who would download one anywhere in the world could be tracked - initiator of crime was no other than prince Harry who demanded beside mentioned from Google owners to also have blogger modified in variety of ways to made one FOR ME due to changes which were applied in 2020 by blogger for all platforms as difficult to adjust as possible if not totally impossible....

Life in US as far as hiding behind Oprah's skirt with tears in eyes(paid articles wherever or whomever they deem can profit from within), however, has expiration date...

@prince Harry - perhaps its time to go home. I know there are very few "normal" in Great Britain or whatever is left out of one, but still - you are in US.

Prince Harry Says He Prioritizes His Mental Health by Avoiding 'Toxic Parts of the Online World'

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is seen prior to the Wheelchair Basketball Finals match between Team Netherlands and Team US
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is seen prior to the Wheelchair Basketball Finals match between Team Netherlands and Team US
Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation Prince Harry

Prince Harry is opening up about how he protects his mental health.

The Duke of Sussex, who has spent the past week cheering on service personnel and veterans at the Invictus Games in The Hague, tells PEOPLE in this week's exclusive cover story that he remains mindful of what information he consumes — especially amid times of conflict.

"For much of my life, I have been in the fortunate position of being able to help others," Harry, 37, says. "As a veteran of conflict, but also simply as a human, I take care of what my mind ingests. Like a digital diet. Cutting out the toxic parts of the online world and the way stories are put in front of us, baiting us, is one way I prioritize my well-being."

The father of two adds, "I also make sure to talk to people, directly, one to one, about what they're going through, and try to learn from their experiences and understanding of the world."
Prince Harry Cover Rollout
Prince Harry Cover Rollout

Many of the athletes have credited the Invictus Games with saving their lives by giving them a community that understands and supports them.

"Every time I hear that it goes straight to my core," Prince Harry says. "I really feel it. I feel it with every hug I get from the competitors themselves or their family members. I feel it when they share with me what it means to see their husband, father, wife or mother simply smile again. Sport is the mechanism. Purpose is the potion. Mindset is the medicine."

He continues, "Many of these families have been to the darkest places imaginable. While each story is different and unique, the lessons are more relatable to all of us than they might seem. I am proud to watch their recoveries, but even prouder of their service to others. I believe their presence and resilience is quite literally saving more lives than we'll ever know or hear about."
Invictus Games
Invictus Games
Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Prince Harry

In 2018, the Duke of Sussex spoke candidly about his experience and the importance of mental health to a crowd of thousands gathered at the closing ceremony at the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia.

"By simply being here and fighting back from some of the darkest experiences known to anyone, you have become role models for everyone at home or in the stands who might be struggling with their emotions or with a mental illness," he said. "You are showing it's okay not to be okay. And most importantly, you are showing us all that it's okay to ask for help."

To conclude, he referred to himself as someone who has faced such challenges.

"I've been there, you've been there and we now need to reach out to those who can never even imagine themselves in that place," he encouraged. "When you accept a challenge is real, you can have hope. When you understand your vulnerability, you can become strong. When you are brave enough to ask for help, you can be lifted up. You can start living, doing, feeling — not simply surviving. And when you share your story, you can change the world."

Even 9/11 DISCO DANCING ISSUE have royals exploited to full potential against me(Andrew deliberately created scene inside of the disco) with George Bush present and other American politicians afterwards inside of our Novo mesto house

9/11 !!????? Who was really behind one !!????

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