Wednesday, April 20, 2022

I saw this morning several bananas(5) in the middle of the table - NO NO NO

 It was AS ALWAYS WHENEVER RAT POISONED VIA BANANA A SINGLE BANANA THAT WAS LEFT on a fruit plate - other bananas were upon my return from Trdinov Vrh nowhere to be seen - always the same old same...related to 

THEY ALWAYS CORNERED - Always left with single choice for me to make and that included everything - not only poisoning. While accenting issues in respect to poisoning during so called "MK Ultra" brainwash as "toxic"....

Slovenian POLICE ALWAYS MADE CHOICE FOR ME. Psychiatrist Peter Kapš as he alone stated ME, CASHED HIS PSYCHIATRIC LICENSE SINCE I DECLINED TO INVOLVE ONE AS PARTNER DURING MK ULTRA. Regular assassin with psychiatric license hired to murder by London and Berlin.

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