Sunday, April 24, 2022

Londoners understand and understood since 1995

  • Civil rights crime which took place against me is between myself and them and or other Western parties(governments) if similarly involved, but still separated from their issue concerning me..

  • Geopolitical issues since Britain was/is part of Western society and so was Germany etc. when considering my being Slovenian native and US citizen since 2000, however, fit in a totally separate drawer and are not to be mixed with issues for which I have expressed under torture circumstances a will to defend based on my convictions - will to defend pro democratic values for the sake of eastern European NON Russian states' existence rather than Russian state which on opportunity at the beginning of MK Ultra in 1995 exercised violence against me.

Nobody, however, will convince me that torture which took place along ruining me two citizenships and which went on to 

deprive me of 28 years(including health) of life was for my own sake and that I needed one. To infact convince me that wasting time for those who took advantage through my being drowned in ocean of pain time and again(on all three sides did while each blaming me for won crime) was/is a necessary part of support which I must continue to pay for the cost of my life. I am really not a masochist and even less idiot who wouldn't know his "2-1"game....

So that you will continue to push forward torture against me based on MK Ultra pre torture(according to scenario through which you already tortured psychologically through  physical torture) for which you claimed me is a necessary part at this point against me, so side which I supported since 1995(poor Ukraine) can get weapons(support from thos in US Congress and elsewhere which otherwise would protest) and this way survive while using at the same time even mentioned supported from supported side to support your crime against me is a NO NO....

That part "In Moscow", you can freely cross out...we will never meet there nor anywhere else for that matter 

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