Wednesday, April 20, 2022

As far as the bicycle road behind Krka village which video I have never managed to repair and went bad twice

Village people took me to administration unit of Novo mesto already in 2013 due to mentioned issue where I was even brainwashed on what to report how to report - what was/is expected of me to be seen as respectable citizen/neighbor and how I would mentioned report gained support of locals...they invented scheme on how first road was 3 meters to be wide on what after accepting deal road toot another two meter - became 5 meters wide...but that was not all, Germans involved in MK Ultra begun to insist me in-front of their Slovenian colleagues how they are interested in becoming my neighbors in Slovenia(they all video recorded and keep to recorded lies themselves) and that I should just keep silent about it all - not to protest to project future bicycle road project which funds for structure of one, I was also REMINDED(reminded of MK Ultra scenario) lately during construction, were allocated from from European Union funds...

Well, behind it all and from my aspect(point of view) - locals knew and know very well what they did against me is most severe crime possible and rather than to  confess about crime, they satisfied politicians' needs and reserved right for me to crave for recognition from locals as a "good local citizen"(reporter concerned for nature and well being of locals - the one who would even point out German trickery and or be f**** from behind if not in style of Milan Kučan Borut Pahor) rather than to confess about crime. 

Because of stated here, I assign city of the Novo mesto(city mayor Macedoni with its administration as well as to Krka village people) yet another minus as a sign of even greater distrust...NOT OKAY !!!!

Amazing about what we have become over the course of years...we didn't only grow stranger to one another....we hide pity behind smiles at one another when meeting on streets and act swiftly behind one's back in a way as stated above

Related to INCOMPLETE SO DON'T WATCH JUST YET , but I will complete here seen video which costed me at least 2kg of extra weight and mountain of nerves(they brainwashed years for the sake of this video and again with people from USA as well as elsewhere through local psychiatrist/police)....


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