Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Due to age we live in, I would recommend Christians to foremost embrace God - almighty creator rather than his son Jesus IF IN DOUBTS

 You will never ever go wrong if you understand why you were brought to this world is why - you can, however, for many reasons(IF NOT UNDERSTANDING REAL MESSAGE BEHIND JESUS CHRIST - IN TODAY'S WORLD DUE TO LIES AND MISCONCEPTION HIDING BEHIND ISSUES EXTREMELY DIFFICULT) go totally wrong about with God(what otherwise you never would) if paying sole attention to what is heavily misused on daily bases in our surroundings.

Jesus is not for advanced users, but sure enough ONLY for those who understand real meaning of one - there is no way to understand one without understanding his creator.  YOU CAN'T NOT AND YOU SHOULD NOT(THEY DO ON DAILY BASES) ATTEMPT TO SUBSTITUTE GOD WITH JESUS(no such thing as Jesus is son of God therefore God is Jesus).

Jesus was brought to the world so you could have seen it from a little up closer - understand, but not to be substituted with the one who sent him here...for even mistaken with Kurgans from London https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/04/queen-rock-band-musicians-and-those-who.html

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