Tuesday, April 19, 2022

In 1999 prince Charles who knew all about beatings and abuse performed on me by Milan Kučan and Pahor at Gorjanci(Trdinov Vrh), feed me with chocolate bards on our way there

 Milan Kučan had his way of psychological and physical torture...during hijacking(hijacked by CIA from bed in Miami where I used to reside for 11.5 consecutive years without ever exiting USA - 1995 to end of  August in 2006), torture also took frequently place at Gorjanci(mountain hill Sveta Gera / Trdinov vrh  with elevation of  1,178 m) where I would march drugged up with procession of politicians or just MK Ultra staff members...once up there and exhausted, beatings an torture would commence...British, Germans, Dutch, Americans knew all about it and had nooo problem with it as long as their geopolitical plans coordinated with eastern Europe could go on....prince Charles went further and have fueled me on my way to torture(nobody was allowed to do such thing as was counter productive - they wanted to torture me as exhausted as possible) and fueled me with chocolate bars and instead of my being tortured at the top of mountain, the opposite took place by my subjecting UDBA 
criminals to most offensive psychological degradation possible...but Charles went ahead and revealed whole thing(after a great laughter) to Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor...consequently led to seven stricter surveillance and beatings/psychological abuse on every 50 meters from Gabrje(elevation 400 meters) to top of the hill...this went on afterwards(thousand of people involved in it for this hill alone) afterwards for another 21 years...this is who prince Charles was - my mistake was repeated forgive and forget.

On occasion in 2005, Russian daughter Marija Vorontsova of Putin begun to groom me to become her Russian husband at Gorjanci...decided on how will marry me, I had to repeat her while engaging in flirting under MK Ultra on how I am Russian - up and downhill from Sveta Gera / Trdinov vrh....to be honest, I never had a problem with Russians till I met Putin in 1995 and his insane colleagues...guaranteed me assured me on my questions on how am I Russian that I will get Russian citizenship through marriage with her... then I wanted a bit more than promises and placed her infront of physical fact with "do you want or not"(wanted some kiss - proof of her blah blah infront of foreign diplomats as well - German have seen it), but she refused claiming on how she will now leave to Moscow and observe how I act what will result in her future consideration of promised...withing a moment it became to me clear that she is in fact mentally ill - trying to take advantage of what she believed will become mentally ill(I would consider myself as mentally ill if I would settle even as drugged up for such scam) on what I diplomatically answered her with "okay okay"....as much as I was drugged up, I was a greater diplomat that sobered people - Medvedev, Lavrov, Putin all were present...in my mind was a biggggFUCK OFFF, but I didnt state this till they begun to force me on how I have to accompany her to airport in Ljubljana...Slovenian politicians were insane about opportunity on how matrimony between myself and Putin's daughter could take place...it turned into frenzy fiver after I refused them desired trip to airport in Ljubljana....I was compelled so seated in car with her and other we headed for airport...with Kate Middleton and prince William and Charles and other diplomats to wish them farewell to Moscow...but things didn't go as planned as I was becoming more and more miserable inside of that Mercedes and have after simple goodbye to her went as far as sending her to hell as they insisted how I have to comply with protocol and escort her to stairways to the plane on what Kate Middleton and prince William begun to choke with laughter on their face infront of Lavrov/Medvedev finally exploded in open laughter...Russian left, but just one moth latter I was hijacked from Miami to Moscow on which opportunity Lavrov wanted to kill me...it was nothing but death threats for which they all claimed how I treated Maria Vorontsova and even caused her depression issues and how I humiliated her infront of other foreign diplomats....

Jelko Kacin as well as Igor Bavčar even became interested in Russo Slovenian matrimony....

Well, those were the days for some....who would have thought that just those same people would insist to bury me alive just 7 years down the road as THEY DID - awarding me with royal title known as "PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC"...Yeah, I have a lot to thank for.

I wanted Russian citizenship !!???? Hmmmm, in 1995 when I immigrated to US - Slovenia had probably 10 times higher life standard than Russia....today at least 4 times higher standard...why in the f**** world would I want one !!????? Not really....Maria even dreamed about coming to live to Slovenia...both daughters involved.

Putin repeatedly TOOK DOWN SLOVENIAN PRO INDEPENDENCE POLITICIANS BY SIMPLY INVOLVING THOSE IN A DREAM WORLD OF LUCRATIVE BUSINESSES WITH/IN RUSSIA....Bavčar and Kacin both bowed down infront of $$$$$ demanded from me stated to penetrate through me in Russia for the sake of $$$$$. CHICKEN SHIT STATE SLOVENIA(observing others whom they hosted they alone begun to melt saliva in their mouths on how cash in - they alone needed me to become a traitor to Slovenia not only Kučan).

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