Thursday, February 10, 2022

Possibility of clogged arteries was listed under MK Ultra as last and mentioned just briefly by neighbor Kotar and mother

 In 2017 when my MK Ultra case became unofficially recognized, something was done to me under MK Ultra. What exactly(was it poisoning or surgery or both), I do not know as they played even with teeth. Most likely poisoning. What I know is that psychiatrists demanded from me to exercise exercise exercise and loose weight quickly - as much as possible - they insisted under MK Ultra on anywhere from body shaming to diabetes if not 

loosing weight immediately. Next to 1000 theories under MK Ultra(LIES), I was left with less than nothing. Beside my sound in the head symptoms and lymph node problem due to surgery in Belgrade in 1996 with which they brainwashed me with under MK Ultra for decades(they always had presence of those under MK Ultra - pain in left arm lymph node and sort of pressure sound), having me globally in hospitals on 1000 occasions, destroying me absolutely everything I turned my back too, it was impossible for me to come to normal senses and remind myself of end of the MK Ultra scenario in which neighbor doctor Igor Kotar was claiming have done something to me in above context and mother laughing how it will be the last thing crossing my mind when it will be already too late.

Why, however, I experienced sound in head ONLY under MK Ultra since 1996 is questionable. The only explanation to issue is that MK Ultra drugs were extremely hurtful for heart, although, they were excessively pushing me around under MK Ultra for days without sleep from one continent to was bestiality that would leave me sleep straight 16 hours for days after those would end and its somehow I survived.... 

It is unclear to me how, however, I could go on and exercise excessively that much and for that long and how problem with heart just wouldn't surface for 5 years...either way and specially due to cancer symptoms that accompanied me for 5 years rather than clogged arteries, it could have been ANOTHER IGOR KOTAR's FAT lie as well(another one, but final one) used for me to discredit main problem for which young physicians involved in MK Ultra health examinations(specially since those didn't find anything wrong with my heart and have even insisted me how they will do something to me if I come to medical examination without heart problem symptoms) refused to acknowledge per political agenda of Milan Kučan/ Borut Pahor the truth just a month ago during my latest visit to local hospital.

Main weapon was a toxicity of my mother and father based on MK Ultra torture scenarios and depression supported against me by system(forced joblessness) who wouldn't allow to eat/live normally through ongoing verbal assaults which they always commenced already in the mornings. Poisonings went through food supplies as was moldy walnuts and all sorts of tricks involved(all according to instructions of physicians - they even insisted me how they will destroy pomegranate apples with pushing in them with nails if I will respond on abuse with defense and they did - to cause them rotten)BLOOD CLOTHS RESULT IN HEART PROBLEMS AS LAST STAGE, SO IT COULD BE KOTAR GAVE HIMSELF 5 YEARS AGO A DIAGNOSIS WHICH HE OR HEALTH SYSTEM WOULD USE AS PRETEXT FINAL AFTER EVERYTHING MENTIONED ON THIS PAGE WAS USED TO EITHER CAUSE HEART PROBLEM OR TO REPAIR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT EVEN THE CASE..WITH PHYSICIANS LIKE THIS AND IN ENVIRONMENT LIKE THIS ONE IS AS GOOD AS DEAD.

There were directed energy attacks and there was gassing and there was poking into objects with stick at nights through holes in the wall...

In 2007 upon my return from USA in 2006, a psychologists/psychiatrists from Bela Krajina(southern region of Slovenia) announced their visit through MK Ultra scenario and on which occasion I was explained how(and demonstrated directed energy weapon) prior to their arrival, they will wake me up with one for me to know its real and they did...after cooking me on bed for about half an hour, I got up after just few hours of sleep and there they were in the kitchen drinking cofee saluting me...YOU GET IT !!????

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